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This was a lot of fun to play, really enjoyed it :D

The game crashes right after the splash cards, any idea what's up?

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Hi! Apologies for the delayed reply ( on holiday without access to my desktop and sometimes, internet ).

Sorry to hear the game didn't run so well for you. Have you managed to get past the splash cards even once yet? What kind of hardware and operating system are you running the game on?

I personally never ran into this problem myself, not in test versions nor in the uploaded build.

- imppu the neet -

It's alright, glad you responded at all! Found a fix a while back, don't remember what, though. The game was pretty good.

Really enjoyed playing this!! Hope you guys stick with this one!!

Here's my gameplay! -

- aaaand we enjoyed your gameplay. It was our first one.
Thank you very much and merry Christmas for you! .--)

- Team NEET -